A prepaid meter is a device that helps the user control & regulate the usage of electricity or water. It works much like a prepaid cell phone whereby you pay upfront before you use it, therefore eliminating large unexpected monthly bills.

FLOWSORT ELECTRICAL meters are sub-meters and do not replace the Municipal or Eskom pre-paid meters “Vouchers” –

Purchased by Tenants directly from selected retail outlets/ATMs – Vouchers purchased are reimbursed to the landlord. The landlord acknowledges and accepts that FLOWORT will reimburse the funds received from tenant voucher purchases on or before the 7th day of the month following the date of purchase of the respective voucher/s by the tenant. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the correct banking details are supplied to FLOWSORT ELECTRICAL in this regard. A service fee of 10% excluding VAT is levied on vouchers purchased via retail outlets & ATMs. 7% service fee excluding VAT is levied on vouchers purchased direct on FlowSort Electrical website or requested vouchers. Contact your FlowSort Electrical offices (087 702 5878) to enquire for any such change. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to ensure that correct information and bank details are furnished to FlowSort Electrical. Any payments rejected due to incorrect banking details being furnished to FlowSort Electrical by the Property Owner will result in the Property Owner being liable for an administration fee.

The cost of installation of the meter is included in the cost of the FlowSort Electrical meter. The installation of the Equipment must be installed by a qualified installer capable of issuing a compliance certificate. The equipment installed carries a warranty of 10 years with a free maintenance if not tampered with or being operated by unauthorize person. It is expressly recorded that FlowSort Electrical is not a generator supplier or distributor of electricity or water. Electricity & Water is only generated, supplied, and/or distributed by the relevant Authorities, and FlowSort Electricals’ function is only to supply the Meters that can be used for the measuring, monitoring and management functions as herein described. FlowSort Electrical consequently does not accept any responsibility for the non-supply or interruption of electricity/water to the Premises, particularly in circumstances falling exclusively under the control of the relevant Authorities. The Property Owner therefore hereby indemnifies FlowSort Electrical and keeps it harmless against any claims from a Consumer/Occupant, user or any other person or party that may arise from such non-supply, interruption, leak, power surge or any other detrimental activity. FlowSort Electrical is solely the supplier of the meter. FlowSort Electrical will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any claims what-so-ever from the municipality, owner, 3rd party or any other claimant for any damage, breach of municipal regulations, incorrect installations, bypassing of municipal meters, fraudulent installations, damage of premises, consequential damages and all claims which will be for the charge of the owner.

FlowSort Electrical shall in accordance with the instructions of the Property Owner load the relevant electricity consumption tariff on the System according to which the Consumer will pay for his/her/its consumption of electricity at the Premises. The loading of the correct tariff is not the responsibility of FlowSort Electrical, and the final responsibility to obtain the correct prescribed tariff rests with the Property Owner who shall verify same with the relevant Authorities and inform FlowSort Electrical thereof, who shall then load the tariff thus requested by the Property Owner on the System, in accordance with such instructions from the Property Owner. The Property Owner agrees where a tariff is not provided an average rate will be utilized. The supply of electricity to the Premises and the operation of the Equipment shall always be subject to the relevant municipal by-laws and regulations, the Electricity Regulation Act, No. 4 of 2006, and all other relevant statutory provisions. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to ensure that the monthly municipal bill from the relevant authorities matches to their prepaid meter collections and in the event of any discrepancies, to immediately notify FlowSort Electrical of such discrepancy. FlowSort Electrical is not privy to the Property Owner’s billing information from the relevant Authorities and therefore FlowSort Electrical is not liable for such discrepancies. FlowSort Electrical will however make every effort to address any such discrepancies which may arise. FlowSort Electrical prepaid meters are configured to operate on FlowSort Electrical chain store vending systems only. Change of meter to another company will incur FlowSort Electrical key change fee. The requisite key change form must be completed and signed by the Property Owner and returned to FlowSort Electrical. Keychanged: meters will result in the termination of FlowSort Electricals lifetime warranty and support.

All meters installed by Flowsort Electrical carry a free support fee, but In the event of a call-out by a customer and where there is no fault with the meter then FlowSort Electrical reserves the right to levy a call-out fee at its description. All FlowSort Electrical meters are free monitored for tampering and performance and the property owner will be always advised for such changes on the meter. Any rejected payments due to incorrect banking details, transfer of ownership or key change will result in the Property Owner being liable for an admin fee. These terms and conditions may change from time to time, and Flowsort Electrical will always notify its customers. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to read the terms and conditions if you are a repeat customer. The laws of South Africa will govern the transaction with the Property Owner. The transaction with the Property Owner is governed by these terms and conditions and no other undertakings or representations will be binding upon FlowSort Electrical.

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